Portfolio|2010 June
I have less time that I would enjoy to take on portrait projects, now that I am a full time wedding photographer. Nevertheless I collected some of my favorite works into one page. Enjoy.
Monthly update|2008 March
We are leaving this long long winter. I would also like to leave my old bad habits in photography. So I keep on practicing the basics. Check it out.
Of course it still the same old classical stuff|2008 February
It's been almost 2 months I have been practicing my favorite project in my studio. I am trying to bring in the hands and show more of the body, but its a big challenge for me.
More Classical Portraits | 2008 January
I am continuing where I left off. Making classical posed portraits. Some say (including my little sister) these photos are boring. Not for me they're not! I just love them!
Classical Portrait Sessions | 2007 Winter
Now that my studio is ready, I asked some friends, dragged people inside from the street and contacted some models to help me to practice what I have learned. Here you can see some of the photos that were taken during the photoshoots. I try to practice as much as I can before I open... More to come in 2008!
Studio Building Project | 2007 Spring
Thanks to motivation from Monte Zucker and Jay Andriot I decided to renovate a family business office into a portrait studio. I really hope I will have time to practice much more in the future. Looks like Gurdy and me, are looking forward to some serious portrait lighting practices.
Environmental Portrait Project | 2006 July
I challenged some of the hungraian photographers to join me in my project and make at least 4 environmental portraits of people they know or don't know and try to show what their proffesion or hobby is in a single photograph. The challenge ends August 4th. Update later.
Metro Workers Project | 2006 June
Collection of portraits of the people who are working on the reconstruction of the Budapest subway. This project is the first part of the environmental portrait project I started. My goal is to get more experience with communicating with people and try to photograph them in their environment.
Classic Portrait Project | 2006 June
Influenced by Monte Zucker  a project dedicated for classic portaits, where posing, lighting and composition is all planned. It look so simple, but there are so many things that should be checked before pressing the shutter, I think this project will take years to learn. All shot in natural light, with no or a single reflector.
Black & White Session | 2006 Mar
A forgotten session from last year. Lately I do not really have time nor the chance to shoot any portraits.  I collected some photos from last year and experienced a bit with them. At this time I like black and white with strong contrast. It's great to shoot with RAW and develop later when I have different mood and taste and influences.
Headshot Project | 2005 June
Influenced by Kevyn Major Howard, a project dedicated for small depth of field, tight crop natural light portraits.
Halogen Project | 2005 May
An experience with one halogen desklamp a red curtain and a patient model.
Portraits from 1994 until 2004
Photos I have taken in the past decade. Some of this were shot on film, which I loved but it was just not economical for me. I also learned more about photography in the past 1 year than in the past deace, thanks to free experiencing with digital. The images are in chronological order.

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